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As a mother of 2 teenagers, the age as Matthew Robson, I already knew that teenagers don't tweet - "please mom! Get a life! " Neither do they use flickr, or read blogs. Their communication tools are facebook and sms. Their information is gleaned from youtube and online newspapers.

While I am busy updating blogposts, tweeting, updating our winery facebook page, adding fotos to flickr and videos to youtube, to keep our winery up to date with the latest social networking phenomena, I am aware that this is all transitory, and wondering what's coming next? Adopt or die...and don't forget to listen to our teenagers, to know what to expect next!

Intern In The News: Matthew Robson, the non-Twittering teenager

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Carrie - my kids are a bit younger (4 & 1) so wouldn't (yet) expect them to be on twitter, but I think there is a fallacy in this argument.

Until recently the web was treated as a mass personalisation tool - what I mean by that is that the systems (Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc.) allowed you to personalise your web experience, and interact with those you wanted to interact with, but the systems themselves were for everyone.

The facebook/my space/bebo/twitter phenomenon may be pointing out that this has come to an end. We now personalise WITHIN personalised channels where we can minimise some of the noise by making them only for certain types of people.

Do I care whether teenagers are on twitter? No! I think it is great. It means I can talk about wine on there without worrying about being accused of targeting kids.

The other thing is that what is cool and fashionable for kids may not ever transfer to the similarly cool and fashionable adults, who have different interests. We need to keep our eyes and ears open to new ideas, but the "next big thing" could come from anywhere.

If I was being a little controversial, I might even suggest it will come from the opposite side, from services created for the "grey pound" as their numbers, disposable income and increasing tech savvy attracts more innovative developers.

We will see :)
... and why is this discussion in the Wine Pleasures group?
ooppps... my mistake! i am new to this discussion business, thanks for pointing that detail out!

Robert, my kids were brought up at a winery, and in Europe, and therefore their relationship to wine is as part of their culture and (healthy) lifestyle. This is one of the message we are trying to share through our social networking, along with sense of place, and who the real people are behind the wine.

The interesting side of the Matthew Robson story is that, just as with winemaking, it's always dangerous to get snug and complacent, thinking that now that we are all blogging and twittering - we've made it. Today's non-twittering teenagers are hopefully tomorrow's wine drinkers, who we will need to know how to communicate to.
But here's the thing---does a winery, a wine shop or such want to be reaching teenagers? The demographic that they are reaching out to is on twitter...and on Facebook in ever-increasing numbers. Teenagers have never adopted twitter...that seems fairly clear from the information about the use of Twitter...I don't think that at all means it has no value or might not be the thing they adopt in their 20s...

Teenagers are obsessed with text messages...twitter to me seems like a text message you send out to the world.
For some reason Sonadora, teenagers hate to do anything their parents/adults suggest they do/or are doing. Twitter's popularity among us is what makes it uninteresting for them ;-) My daughter is horrified that I am on facebook, "Mom, facebook is not for oldies!" and has threatened to de-friend me if I ever dare write on her wall! "Mom! Stop stalking me!"



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