Preamble: As with other Journalists, professional integrity is the cornerstone of a Wine Blogger’s credibility. Thus we desire to adhere to certain standards of ethical behavior to establish that credibility. To that effect, we hereby adopt the following ethical code as our accepted standard of professional responsibility. Our ethical code consists of three pillars of responsibility, including Honesty, Accountability and Tolerance.

Accountability We shall disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest.
We shall note any questionable or biased sources.
We shall invite discussion and comments on our blogs, even if those comments are opposed to our own opinions.

Honesty We shall always maintain Honesty and Fairness in our posting. We shall never engage in plagiarism. We shall support all applicable copyright laws. We shall provide links to any website we reference or quote. We shall publicly correct any errors or misinformation in our posts.

We shall treat all sources and subjects as human beings deserving of respect.
We shall avoid all stereotyping and discrimination.

Enforcement: United, we can help ensure that all our members follow this code. If a member notices a potential violation, they should first notify the alleged offender and explain their concern. If that does not resolve the matter, then the matter can be brought before the other members for discussion and examination of the issue.