As wine continues to expand and technology becomes more and more about facilitating social interaction and conversation, the ability for those involved in the industry to leverage that technology in a consistent fashion is critical. This requires that a central area to educate and network around wine and Internet technologies is growing in importance. The OpenWine Consortium is a network of like-minded wine industry leaders united and dedicated to leveraging technology in order to spread the word of wine through a world of wine drinkers. The end result leads to the confidence that technology being used is productivity enhancing to business, useful to the end users, and draws more people to wine both online and offline.

Wine Trade Members

We work to provide wine trade members with the information they need to make decisions about today’s Internet technologies and businesses. Whether you are a wine marketing professional, wine producer, mainstream media, or just a wine lover, our aim is to provide the information you need to use technology to enhance your wine life and open new avenues of business.

Wine Market

As the market continues to evolve, so will our efforts. We will provide educational resources, we will take the lead in initiatives designed to benefit businesses as well as consumers, we will provide thought leadership and up-to-date information, we will facilitate community ideas and initiatives without getting in the way, and we will continue to promote the concepts and that bolster the wine community.